Best (and Super EASY) Meatloaf Ever

Meatloaf, a classic and easy dinner and is often requested by my fiance. I personally used to hate making it, because I would always find it was so dry and crumbly and I always felt like serving dinner was a Pinterest fail in the making.

I found a game changer months ago that now makes meatloaf delicious and anything but dry. Classic crackers and egg combo will never be used in my kitchen ever again.

I'm going to share the game changer with you.


4 slices of bread (whole wheat or brown it doesn't matter)
1/2 cup milk (I use 2% because that's what we drink in our house)
2 ilbs of extra lean ground beef (I use extra lean so it doesn't get greasy - if you use regular you may have to drain your meatloaf before you serve it as it will have a  fat bath - still do-able but one extra step)
1 egg (optional)
salt & pepper to taste
crushed garlic (optional)
onions/ onion powder (optional)
favorite BBQ sauce

1) Rip up the bread.
2. Soak the bread in the m…

Just Pajamas?

My first initial reaction to Disney pulling a pair of pajamas from their online stores was "so what it's just a pair of pajamas Why did they care?"

Every summer I spent time at my grandparents houses. My Grandma had shelves full of breakable glass ornaments and a lot of memorabilia from their families, and from their own adventures in which they participated in rodeo events and Gymkhana. My Grandparents were farmers and my Grandpa was a full-blown blue jeans and 10 Gallon hat wearing cowboy. My six year old self absolutely loved going to visit because I was immersed in that culture for the week or two and boy did I embrace it. I would wake up hours earlier than I normally would, race downstairs, put on my rubber boots and ran out to go do my "chores". These weren't chores that my Grandparents actually assigned to me they were self-assigned because I wanted to help on the farm. It actually consisted of me getting it bucket and going out and collecting grass…

When Motherhood Doesn't Start Out According to Plan

A whore with a white skirt and black thong dancing around a fire set in mybackyard. A half duplex with paint peeling off the siding, parked at the base of a hill by the railroad tracks in the ghetto industrial area of south east Calgary.  Long bearded bikers with leather vests and oil stained denim walking in and out of my home as they pleased. A sketchy couple living in the basement spray painting every wall of the basement in colorful words of aggression towards my mother, who by the way hadway too many boyfriends. Waking up with my sister, completely alone in a dark house realizing we were left at home by ourselves again.

An Open Letter to the Sancti-mommy at the PTA

I slide into the drivers side of my truck and slam the door behind me, sending an echo into the parking lot of the school. Parent council meeting, what a joke. I punch the steering wheel and immediately regret it, the stinging hot burn from my hand also is the final tipping point and the well of tears I had been fighting since leaving the school finally came washing over me. The release of emotions - anger, frustration, embarrassment, all come crashing in like a tidal wave, filling the cab of my truck and replacing all the oxygen. Gasping for breath between sobs I replay in my mind the judging looks from the other parents. The mom's who weren't late to the meeting on the first place, who aren't the last to sign up for the volunteer positions and the ones who bake the cookies instead of buying them at the last minute. I feel their eyes on me, sometimes with what I assume is pity, sometimes annoyance, almost always judgement. Yes, I am a single mom. I'm doing the best I …

The New Job.

I worked in a car dealership for 2 years before I became a stay at home mom to my daughter. I didn’t apply for the position, it kinda just fell into my lap. I was working as a waitress in a local pub - one of the only watering spots in town so it was quite busy. Especially in the winter monthspeople would gather there for a cold beer and socialize rather than gathering around a fire and cracking a few cold ones and sharing some laughs.
On one particularly busy Saturday night, I was joking and laughing with my tables, ensuring that their memory of their waitress was a good one - so that when the time for the bills to hit the table they would be extra generous with their wonderful server. I don’t mean to brag, but I was excellent at my job, and was able to create a relaxed atmosphere where no one saw the bottom of their drink and was often compensated quite handsomely. It made up for the fact that I barely saw my boyfriend. There were times he would open the door at home for me - him goi…